The Wilderness Technology Alliance (WTA) partners with schools and community based organizations to implement technology training and work-based learning programs where youth gain skills in the classroom and experience by providing valuable technology products and services to their school or local community. Most programs are run as “WildTech” student enterprises that generate revenue to self-sustain and grow.


Project Abstract
McKinley Technology High School and Balleau STAY high school will soon be expanding their relationship with the WTA by opening a “WildTech” student-run technology enterprise in their schools. These will serve as two pilot sites in the Washington DC public school system where success will lead to more WildTech programs in other Washington DC high schools. Most enterprise activities will take place after school on school premises. These activities will reinforce the technology skills students gain in the classroom, provide them with job experience, and serve the local low-income community. Activities will be supported by school curricula and students will accumulate up to 100 required community service hours.
Target Population
McKinley Technology High School and Balleau STAY high school serve very low income populations in the Washington DC Public School system. They are not a magnet school and enrollment is open to students from all seven wards of Washington, DC. McKinley’s focus is on technology and preparing students for 21st century careers. Recipients of refurbished computers must be at or below federal poverty guidelines AND have a child in K-12 education AND not have a decent computer at home (Pentium-2 or lower).
Contact Information & Map
Wilderness Technology Alliance
Attn: Lou August
1200 18th St. NW
Washington, DC 20036
United States

Phone: (202) 853-7617

Equipment Needed
PC Desktop System
PC Laptop System
PC CPU (Partial System)
Digital Camera
Hard Disk Drive
Switch or Router