Connecting For Good Shares “The Little Laptop That Could”

We are thrilled to premier an amazing new video, showcasing the life-changing impact digital inclusion has on the lives of so many--through the eyes and voice of a lowly, discarded, almost trashed computer. Introducing "The Little Laptop That Could". AFTRR Member Connecting for Good and Executive Director Tom Esselman have created this wonderful video you

AFTRR + Collaboration = Success on Multiple Levels

Collaboration between like-minded organizations who share similar missions can help all involved reach for the stars. Nonprofit technology refurbishers (AFTRR members) can expand their reach and increase their impact by finding other nonprofits capable of bringing their own contributions to the table.  AFTRR members do not need to tackle the entire Digital Divide on their

AFTRR 2018 National Meeting a Great Success

The 2018 National AFTRR Meeting, held June 3-4, 2018 and hosted by Google Pittsburgh, was a great success.  Nonprofit refurbishers from 30 organizations representing all regions of the country attended the meeting that was held without registration fees and all meals covered through sponsorship.  Bud Rizer, CEO of the National Cristina Foundation and the Project

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